When parents send their youngsters off to college, the thinking ones offer advice. Included in the advice should be to have their guard up because some of our colleges and universities have leftist teachers who hate America.

Walter Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University and a syndicated columnist. Yes, he is a conservative. But we find him to be forthright in his observations and opinions. In his column on this page, he relates how he has documented the many leftist teachers who teach youngsters to hate America. Some universities hire as teachers former terrorists!

Why do they hire these people to teach? The only explanation is that the officials doing the hiring are very naive. Another reason is that the institutions believe diversity in thought helps to mold an educated person.

Williams points to polls that rank Americans’ feeling toward Americans. A Pew Global Attitudes Project found that just 79 percent of Americans in 2011 had a favorable view of Americans. People in most European countries had a 60-plus percent favorable view of Americans. As expected, people in Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey had less than a 20 percent favorable view.

In most of the countries the editor of this newspaper visited on study missions, the observation is that most of the people liked Americans. The dominant reaction was that they wanted to come to America to live. We encountered people, such as tour guides, who after a few days would ask for help to come to America. They all viewed America as a place for opportunities in work, where they could enjoy freedoms and a country in which they could put their education to best use. Some of the people we talked to could speak four or five languages. They were well educated.

The best advice when sending children off to college is to tell them to have an open mind and to recognize that a few of the instructors may be radical in their thinking, and may be even anti-America. It shouldn’t be that way but that’s the situation. The opinion here is that the majority of the college instructors tend to lean to the left on many of the issues.