It is time to install metal detectors at the Franklin County administration building.

While it is an expensive proposition, it is time to enhance security to protect both county employees and members of the public who use the facility.

The extra layer of security would be a welcome addition for many county employees who feel uneasy over increasingly angry and even hostile citizens they interact with on a daily basis.

Recent tragedies involving deranged citizens and public officials have created a heightened awareness across the nation to security issues.

County officials have taken additional precautions by adding more uniformed and plainclothes law enforcement officers and beefing up their contract security force, especially during commission meetings.

But the risk exists beyond commission meetings according to county employees.

We believe that government should be accessible to the people who pay their salaries. But that expectation comes with reasonable limitations. No government employee should feel vulnerable or threatened in dealing with the public.

While unfortunate, installing metal detectors at the administration building is a necessary precaution that the county should pursue as it evaluates all of its security efforts.