The announcement by our government that it was going to close down many of our embassies, mainly in the Middle East, for one day, and then extended it to one week, to protect our diplomats, local workers and visitors from possible attacks left us somewhat puzzled. Was it the right thing to do to make a worldwide announcement about it? The announcement also was directed at tourists traveling overseas.

Our government said it had monitored considerable chatter among al Qaeda groups and believed a terror attack was going to occur somewhere.

We understand the need to protect our people in those American embassies and offices. We should take every precaution. Security was beefed up.

Would it had been better to just make a simple announcement, period? To make the announcement several days in advance alerted the terrorists that we knew they were going to strike and they could alter their attack plans to another day. It is true terrorists could see the added security, but that doesn’t deter them. They expect to die anyway.

There are reports that some of our intelligence agencies are uneasy about the information given out, saying it was unnecessary to provide that much data to the world.

It is being reported that while al Qaeda’s leadership has been weakened, terrorist groups are more scattered and more difficult to monitor.

The question lingers as to whether it would have been better simply to say after the embassies were closed that it was done for security reasons.