To no one’s surprise, Newt Gingrich has called a halt to his Republican presidential nomination campaign. The only surprise is that he didn’t drop out sooner since it was obvious he wasn’t going to win.

He has thrown his support to Mitt Romney who will be the nominee.

Gingrich has made Romney a better nominee because of his spirited campaign and the fact that he raised and discussed many issues that are a concern to the citizens of this country. Gingrich is smart, on top of the issues, laid out what he would do to solve problems, ideas of which Romney may adopt some or parts of his positions. Gingrich entered the race with considerable baggage. He was behind at the start of the race.

Gingrich is expected to work to unite Republicans in the campaign to oust President Obama, who was the main target of the Gingrich campaign.

Gingrich is ahead of most people in his thinking and in proposing solutions. He is not the average politician because he is more the wise man who is ahead of his time.

He made a positive contribution by speaking out on issues and did not fear to go where some politicians don’t dare go because it’s not the conventional political place to be.

There should be a place for a Newt Gingrich in our government even though to some people he’s too “far out” and too conservative.