Americans love their automobiles. That was evident again this past Tuesday when many people, young and old, males and females, turned out to view the antique cars in the 2013 Great Race. The participants stopped in Downtown Washington for a pit stop.

About 100 cars, from Hudsons to Fords that have been restored, are in the Great Race from St. Paul, Minn., to Mobile, Ala. It’s a nine-day “race” that follows somewhat the Mississippi River. There were people lining Washington streets two hours or more before the first car passed through. The cars were parked along Main Street while the drivers and their passengers had lunch at the Farmers’ Market.

Host for the visitors was the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce and its tourism department. The asset of having a Farmers’ Market for a lunch break was a factor in the group deciding to make a pit stop here. Washington had the necessary facilities. And, it had a cooperative Chamber and tourism department to make the necessary arrangements for the visitors. Washington met all the requirements.

There was an economic benefit of the visit, but more important the visitors will remember the Washington hospitality. It also drew people to the city for the enjoyment of viewing the old cars, which were a sight to see. The Great Race demonstrates the interest in old vehicles, which the ones in the race date from the early 1900s to 1968.

For older people, the restored vehicles from another era bring back many memories. The Great Race with the restored vehicles is an enjoyable car trunk of Americana!