The search for explorer John Colter’s grave is a never-ending project. The latest search is by the brother of John Anglin, Washington, who is putting the final words into a book he plans to publish. The author is Ron Anglin, Fallen, Nev., who calls his mission a “chase” to determine the true facts about Colter.

It is known that Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, settled on land west of Washington in the early 1800s. Exactly where he lived, for how long, and where he was buried have been the subjects of many “chases” for facts. There are considerable disagreements on conclusions reached by the fact explorers.

Anglin hopes to put an end to the speculation by revealing the facts, something he has been “chasing” for many years. A feature story by Karen Cernich in Wednesday’s Missourian told of Anglin’s crusade.

The Colter story is fascinating. He was a legend in the West in the early 1800s because of his exploring. His escape from Indians is a story movies are made of. We await Anglin’s book with high interest. Will his research convince all the others who have made the “chase” for the truth to agree with him? Probably not!