While on a trade mission to South Korea and Taiwan the past week, Gov. Jay Nixon laid a wreath to honor more than 900 Missourians who fought and died during the Korean War (1950-1953) at the Missouri section of the Hall of Heroes at the Korean War Memorial in Seoul. He said it was a “moving” experience.

In a conference call with members of the media Thursday morning, the governor was asked by this newspaper about the attitude of South Korean people in regard to the threats of war by the young North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. Gov. Nixon there is a “confident” attitude in talks with South Korean officials and business leaders. It’s business as usual and life is stable regardless of the continued “bluster” about war by the young North Korean dictator.

The governor said the South Koreans are “very proud” of their relationship with the United States and feel confident that the relationship will continue.

The governor said the trade mission to Taiwan and South Korea has been a success. South Korea in particular needs more imports, especially food products, from Missouri and the United States. These trade missions are important to the economy of Missouri. Agreements were signed in both countries for millions and millions of dollars of exports from Missouri to the two countries.

South Korea not only depends on this country for military backing, but needs our products, especially agricultural exports, from Missouri.