A mini poll by The Missourian at East Central College last week gave hint that the young voters may not turn out at the polls in great numbers for the presidential election. For reasons not made too clear, some of the young voters interviewed in the survey said they are “disengaged” about the election.

Several of the college students said they haven’t made up their minds yet in the presidential race. And, they said they really hadn’t been keeping up with the campaigns and issues.

This is in contrast to four years ago when young voters were strongly in favor of Barack Obama, a Democrat.

Are they turned off because they are disappointed in the president’s performance the past four years? Or has the initial interest in voting worn off and they have other higher priorities?

Several of the students said they were disappointed with Obama and will vote for Mitt Romney, Republican challenger, in the November election. Other sudents said they probably would not cast a ballot since they are “disengaged.”

Since this mini survey only included 15 students, it may not be that revealing. However, interest in the election among young people does not appear to be as strong as it was four years ago.