It is natural, even for Christians, to have doubts about God.  John the Baptist had them.  Once he sent a message to Jesus asking Him, “Are you the One?” We, too, may ask such questions, especially in the midst of life’s greatest challenges, or when God seems to be distant at best, or not there at worst.  It happens to all of us.  The unwanted illness comes.  That all-important job is lost.  We are separated from a loved one through thoughtless words or by death.  We go to God in prayer from the depths of our being, and it seems as if there is no answer.  Who of us hasn’t gone to God in prayer this past week with what has happened in a school filled with innocent children in Newtown, Conn.?  Where was God?  Does He care?  Jesus, are you the One?

Christ Jesus has answered each of those questions, if we will listen.  His answer: “I love you.  I came into this world at Christmas as a demonstration of that love. I allowed sinful men to beat and crucify me so that I might die to pay for all of your sin.  I have returned to heaven leaving you the promise to be with you always.  When life is at its worst, I am with you.  When you fail, I forgive you.  When you hurt, I will heal you.  As certainly as I came once, I will return one day soon to remove all that hurts you and take you to be with me forever, never to be burdened again.  I promise.”

Until then life in a sinful world will often be hard.  There will be moments of doubt.  When they come, dare to peer into the manger in Bethlehem. Dare to look upon the cross and see the price paid for your sin. Dare to stare at Christ’s empty tomb and know that His victory over death and the grave is your victory and way through all that this world may throw at you.  May faith and peace fill your Christmas.