One of the many things that has bothered us about President Barack Obama and his re-election is that he doesn’t think like most Americans. It’s almost like he comes from another culture. He talks a good game, but does he really believe in America and its greatness?

When we first heard this statement by him several years ago, we thought, this is our president?

He was asked whether he thought America was exceptional. His answer was that he “supposed it was in the same way other countries think they are exceptional.”

Instead of listening to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who damned America in one homily after another, Obama should have been studying American history. Perhaps then he would have known how exceptional America is. For more than 20 years, he attended the Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago. Edward Klein, noted author who wrote “The Amateur,” which was published earlier this year, detailed Obama’s life.

“It would be no exaggeration to say that Jeremiah Wright was the person who fulfilled Obama’s father-hunger, repaired his fractured ego, and prepared him to run for president,” Klein wrote. He also told how Obama tried to divorce himself from the Rev. Wright so he wouldn’t hurt him politically when he ran for president four years ago.

Another side of the Wright story is that the Big Media, which has gone all out for Obama, really never widely pursued the full Wright-Obama connection.

America is an exceptional nation with exceptional people. Our history proves that fact. Yes, we’ve had some growing up to do on issues, fine-tuning some of our freedoms, but we still are viewed as the land of opportunity. Why do people in many foreign countries want to live in America? It’s because they view America as the land of opportunity and freedoms. They see us as exceptional.

Obama’s early life hardly could be called the average American way. He came from a broken family; part of his education was in a foreign country; he was influenced by mentors who had communistic and socialistic views; and he has struggled to “find himself.” Where does he fit seems to be the life’s journey he is on. And, on top of that, he has a superior attitude that he can do no wrong, feels he’s smarter than everybody, and is not to be questioned.

His attitude toward America and its past achievements seems to be foreign to him. He denies he has gone around the world apologizing for actions by this country, but the record indicates otherwise. He doesn’t seem to be proud that he’s an American.

Mr. President, you worry those of us who are proud of our country and its exceptional record. Every voter should ask the question of where are you going to take us in the next four years if you are re-elected? We say again, you are out of touch with American exceptionism!