Most of our readers have at least a passing knowledge of Emmaus Homes, an organization which provides homes and programming for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Emmaus has a campus in Marthasville and deep roots in this community. It enjoys a national reputation for the compassionate way it serves those with special needs. Simply put, it is a special place for special people.

It also is a place that has benefited from a unique brand of good will, volunteerism and support from the surrounding community. People witness the marvelous work that takes place there and are inspired to support its mission.

We witnessed that generosity of spirit again last Saturday when we covered a group of local contractors and construction workers who donated their time and talents to renovate Faith House, one of the residential homes on the Marthasville campus.

All of those workers had some place else they could be but, instead, they took a weekend off to gut the residence so that new floors, bathrooms and a kitchen can be installed.

The entire rehab project is estimated to cost approximately $100,000. All of the supplies and 98 percent of the labor is being donated, according to Emmaus officals.

Some of the materials for the renovation were donated by local businesses. The balance of the materials were covered by a donation of over $42,000 raised through The Tannenbaum Auction.

The annual fund-raiser, which also receives tremendous support from local businesses, drew 800 people last November in Washington. The auction continues to grow each year and attracts even more volunteers who help put it on and who donate items. The previous year, the proceeds from the auction were used to purchase three new vans for Emmaus.

Cindy Clark, president and CEO of Emmaus, described the effort behind the Faith House renovation as “phenomenal” and said that Emmaus continues to be blessed by the generosity of the greater Washington community.

The volunteer effort behind the renovation of Faith House is the latest chapter in a long and deep tradition of local individuals donating their time and talents to Emmaus to enhance the quality of lives for people with developmental disabilities.

It is a great story and one we know will inspire others.