The St. Louis Cardinals are about to clinch the regular season division title in the National League. What a year it has been for fans here and elsewhere in Cardinal land!

The excitement has been building for some time as this Redbird team of veterans and rookies has gone through a season of ups and downs, but chiefly ups in recent weeks.

The 2013 team has lived up to the Cardinals’ tradition with come-from-behind victories, especially with two outs. It has been a never-say-die team that has thrilled fans with sparkling play by the veterans and rookies who have displayed a maturity that you usually don’t see on the diamond by young players in their early 20s. This team has meshed well under skillful Manager Mike Matheny, who appears to be moving toward the ranks of other great Cardinal managers.

What has happened this year is a reminder of the Sam Breadon-Branch Rickey era in the late 1930s and early 1940s that resulted in the building of a powerful farm club organization that produced many great players.

We don’t know how far this team will go in the playoffs, but with the lineups it puts on the field, more thrills probably are on the way. Regardless, the 2013 team has given us many great memories, and the fan base continues to be the best in either league.