The stunt by a rodeo clown at the bull riding event at the State Fair the past weekend was disrespectful to the office of our president. The clown wore a President Obama facemask and the announcer talked about having the bull run him down, apparently to the delight of the crowd.

To disagree with the president is appropriate as long as it is in good taste and respect for the office is upheld. What happened at the State Fair was inappropriate and in poor taste. It was disrespectful to the highest public office we have in America. It may have been funny to the spectators, but to have a stunt that suggests harm to the president is wrong and despicable.

The apologies came quickly. State Fair officials said the stunt was inappropriate and “does not reflect the opinions or standards of the Fair,” which is a family-friendly event. Perhaps Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder denounced the stunt, terming it disrespectful to the president. “We are better than this,” Kinder said. Sen. Claire McCaskill called it “shameful and unacceptable.” Gov. Jay Nixon joined in condemning the stunt as disrespectful and offensive and does not reflect the values of Missourians or the State Fair.

Both Republicans and Democrats were critical of the stunt.

Some talk show hosts also are disrespectful to the office of president, but presidents have been guests on those shows and no one seems to be alarmed about it.

Generally, Americans are not as respectable in many ways in today’s casual culture as they once were. We were not surprised that a rodeo clown did what he did. Disrespect thrives in politics and in many other circles of life in America. We don’t have the standards of respect we once had, especially when it comes to authority. Our dress is inappropriate in many places and situations. Respect in places of worship isn’t what it once was. There is a lack of respect toward life itself, with killings everywhere today, and we live in a society and culture where the murdering of the unborn is sanctioned.

It’s not unusual for people to not like a president, but all of us should show respect to the office.