One of the most thought-penetrating columns on education we have ever read is on this page by Walter Williams, who is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Every teacher and school administrator should read what he wrote about our educational system and the dumbing down that has occurred.

Often do we hear comments about how bright our young people are today. Please read his column, especially about surveys that have been taken about events Americans should know, but are completely ignorant. It’s scary. Yes, bright about some things but dumb about other things that make a well-educated student.

There will be no reforms unless they come from the top down — from state education officials to the people who live in our school districts. Because of state aid to school districts, local districts must follow the curriculum mandated by the state. That curriculum is inadequate.

We are tired of hearing politicians’ cries for more money for education. We’e not getting our money’s worth now in public education. We keep throwing more money at an institution that needs an overhaul. It won’t happen until enough people demand changes.

The lack of teaching and learning is especially true when it comes to American history. Read Williams’ concluding remarks about what surveys have shown about today’s students and adults. Williams’ last paragraph is worth repeating: “I’d say that the education establishment has been successful beyond its wildest dreams in reducing Americans’ ability to think and therefore causing them to have little knowledge of or love for our founding principles.”

The education establishment thinks it is doing a good job. It doesn’t recognize its own failure!