We don’t know how much longer the negative vocal reaction and demonstrations to the Zimmerman acquittal are going to continue, but we know one thing: As long as the Big Media, especially television, promotes them, we’re in for a long playing of events that no longer are news.

This beating of a dead horse verdict was expected if the decision went in favor of Zimmerman. Yes, we all know that people, especially the African-American community, are upset. We understand that. But the point has been made about them being upset. No vocal outrage or demonstration is going to change the jury verdict.

This is a case that never should have been filed due to the available evidence. The prosecutors were pleading a case that was labeled a “loser” from the onset. The jury verdict was predictable. The entire event is regrettable. There were no winners.

The protests, while expressing genuine outrage by the black community, are staged for television, which is being used by the demonstrators. This isn’t the first time television has fallen victim to being used on an issue.

The demonstrators will continue to vent their anger as long as television is there to air it. There’s nothing new. It’s the same old news. It’s been reported. People have seen it.

Time to move on!