Governing is more than just making speeches. What we have in Barack Obama is a leader who talks about many issues, offers solutions, and who thinks that’s all he needs to do. He is the “no follow-through” president.

There is an increasing number of people who believe the president’s failure in governing is because of his lack of experience in management, his inattention to details, and the fact that he fails to recognize as critical major events that are occurring. Don’t bother me with that since I have other priorities is his stance on many issues. Fact is, he has been inconsistent even in what he does best — talking.

He drew red lines in the Syria crisis and warned that they must not be crossed or there would be serious action by the United States. The lines were crossed and the president did nothing. He talked tough when he said he expected Russia to turn over the National Security leaker, Edward Snowden, then later said the government had other business to do than deal with the computer hacker. He talks about many domestic issues and says what should be done, but there is no follow-through. We said not too long ago that he already is coasting to retirement.

Walter Russell Mend, a professor of foreign affairs and humanities at Bard College, who also is editor at large of the American Interest, wrote that when the president made an impressive speech on conditions in Egypt, the contrast between “exalted rhetoric and mingy deeds undermines both speech and speechmaster.” Mead wrote that the president’s speeches “often demonstrate an intellectual mastery of the subject but lack a true aim.” In his article in The Wall Street Journal, Mead said the president needs to quit thinking that speechmaking is an act in itself and begin to think of it as the verbal expression of an action already under way.

“Otherwise Mr. Obama’s speeches will continue to resemble the fireworks that lit up America’s skies last week: briefly dazzling the crowds, then fading quickly as the dark returns.”

His warnings to other countries are meaningless. Now he has threatened to pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan in 2014. He’s upset with the president of Afghanistan. We’ll see what happens. Obama’s bluff has been called time after time and he backs away.

The president has disappointed many of his followers due to his lack of forceful governing. His abilities seem to reach just so far and then fizzle. He’s like the salesman who makes a great presentation but can’t close the deal.

Perhaps his role should be the Constitutional law teacher he once was, but he has shown that he isn’t always respectful of the Constitution.