Gov. Jay Nixon, here Monday for the dedication of the rail transfer facility, or team track, pointed to the importance of quality of life in a community in economic development. And, at the top of the qualities is the infrastructure the communities have. “It’s essential to the quality of life,” the governor emphasized.

The rail transfer facility at the end of West Main Street adds to Washington’s infrastructure and already has led to the creation of jobs.

In the long run it will be another asset the city has in working to lure industries here and to create jobs. It also will help existing industries, such as is the case of Canam Steel and CG Power Systems, two of Washington’s industries that plan to use rail transportation.

This new $4.2 million facility would not have been possible without the help from the state. More than $2 million in state funds were awarded for the project, along with nearly $1 million in federal funds. The city’s share was more than $1 million.

The more infrastructure improvements a city has the more likely that community is going to create jobs with expansion of existing industries and new ones. That not only helps a city, but the county and state. The governor’s words were dead on when he said that the team track “is a solid step forward.”

It takes cooperation in a project such as this. Bringing all the parties together for an infrastructure project of this magnitude was no small feat. The value of this project to the area is one of those priceless infrastructure assets that add to the quality of life in a community.