All presidents probably have had streaks of egotism, but President Barack Obama may top all of them. The Big Media that once bowed to him as if he was the Messiah is beginning to be a bit more critical of his actions.

This criticism is coming from both sides of the media aisle as an awakening, disappointment and loss of hope are clearly evident. With the stalemate in Washington, D.C., people are blaming both the president and Congress. The president blames Congress. Leaders in Congress blame the president. Parties blame each other.

A strong leader would work to bring compromises and do what is in the best interests of the country. President Obama simply doesn’t like to compromise on major issues and doesn’t like Congress because he’s not getting his way with the legislative branch. To point out the president’s self-centeredness, it has been reported by people close to the White House inner circle that Obama doesn’t take the advice he is given. He listens but rejects the advice because he believes he, and only he, knows best. His detachment from the trenches where the fighting is ongoing is annoying.

President Obama believes in governing by campaigning. When the going gets hot, he boards Air Force One and is off to  some city to give a campaign speech. He needs to be reminded that he should be in Washington, D.C., and leading the nation rather than just running around and criticizing the Republicans.

Now the First Lady is expanding her influence. She showed up at the Oscars presentation with a background of members of the military in dress uniforms. Why did she interject herself into that program? It’s all politics and a flair of show biz. She loves attention and it does for a few moments take minds away from the sequester mess.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan, who wasn’t one of the writers in awe of Barack Obama, said the president is playing a game. “How’s the game going? What’s new is almost everyone does seem to understand he’s playing games. He used to get more credit. His threats of coming mayhem and his lack of interest in easing it have dimmed his luster.” Is that why Michelle Obama is “going more public” to give some luster to her husband’s administration?

And Noonan also had this to say: “All of this — the president’s disdain for Congress and for Republicans, the threats of damage unless he gets his way, the first lady’s forays — is part of the permanent campaign, and the immediate sequester campaign.” According to Noonan, “It looks like what critics have long accused this White House of being — imperious, full of overreach, full of itself.”