We normally don’t use this space to recommend a book but today we are making an exception to laud the efforts of two of our own.

Missourian Photo Editor Jeanne Miller Wood and Missourian Book Buzz editor and columnist Chris Stuckenschneider released “My Washington” last week.

The 132-page coffee-table book of stunning photographs and heartfelt recollections from a diverse cross-section of Washington residents takes the pulse of the community on its 175th anniversary.

That pulse is strong and the pride people feel for their community resonates on every page of this beautiful compilation of photos and stories.

Not every book deserves a rave review but this one is worthy. The images of Washington landmarks are gorgeous and capture the town’s identity in a way that only an inspired and creative photographer can see.

The photography shines brightest in portraying the people the book profiles in their elements.

The recollections from Washington citizens reveal the spirit of community steeped in tradition and brimming with genuine affection for the place they call home.

Washingtonians have a unique and authentic sense of pride in their hometown. The connection between the community and its citizens is powerful. This book tells that story from the viewpoint of the movers and shakers as well as its ordinary citizens. Either way, the feelings conveyed are the same and the overwhelming sense of community and civic pride is undeniable.

“My Washington” is a must read for anyone with an interest or connection to the community. Like any good book, it will cause you to reflect on its subject in a new and insightful way.

You can pick up a copy of “My Washington” at the Gary Lucy Gallery on Main Street or by contacting Chris Stuckenschneider via email at cstucky@me.com.