To The Editor:

There are no words to capture the Tram Day this year.

It was the 10th anniversary of the Rotary Club Tram Day and it surpassed all others.

The community did it again. Everyone pulled together to make this event a huge success at the Swine Pavilion at Lions Lake, the Parks Department, Washington Chamber, city of Washington, Police Department, the Honor Guard, Washington Fire Department, Washington Rotary Club and many volunteers.

To the local businesses for their continued support, who help make this day possible and also to the students at Borgia High School and the interns from Parker Hannifin, what a difference you made in so many lives. The gratitude we have for all of you surpasses all.

For everyone who attended, you are the ones who make this event so special. You bring so much joy to so many with your presence. This day is to honor you and to thank you for all you have contributed to our community, for making it what it is today. Your smiles remind us why we are doing this event; you leave us with so many wonderful memories year after year.

Sharon and I are honored by the bench that the Rotary Club donated to the 10th anniversary of the Rotary Tram ride. We both were lost for words, our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy that this bench will be displayed in remembrance of this wonderful day.