Our lawmakers and bureaucratic officials in Washington, D.C., have never been considered bearers of good judgment. Some of the decisions, of course, are pure politics at work. Others simply total up to poor judgment.

The decision to close the White House for tours was a mixture of politics and poor judgment. The story is that the Secret Service made the decision and not the White House and it was necessary due to pending budget cuts for the security agency. The White House had to give a nod of approval about the decision, which was wrong. The Secret Service’s budget should not be cut. Rather President Barack Obama and his wife’s expensive trips should be cut. Most of these trips are political.

It has been reported that Mrs. Obama has the largest personal staff than any first lady in the nation’s history. Are any cuts going to be made there? The administration’s budget should be cut. That won’t happen, of course.

A decision by the head of the Transportation Security Administration to allow airline passengers to carry small knives in an effort to save time at security points in terminals is ill conceived. The present regulations have worked. Why tamper with them? There is widespread opposition to allowing the small knives. Voicing opposition have been flight attendants, federal air marshals, some pilot unions, aviation insurers and some members of Congress.

But the head of the TSA said the new regulations will go into effect April 25 regardless of the opposition. It’s poor judgment. Also, it’s another example of too much power being placed in the hands of bureaucrats.