I have good news for you. In fact, I have great, tremendous news to share with you. It has changed my life. It has changed the life of countless millions throughout the centuries. And it can change your life too. Does your life lack focus and hope? Do you ever wonder, “What’s the use?”  Well, listen to this.      

God has descended from heaven to be born a man, so that He could save us from sin and death. Ponder a moment what this means for your life.  God descended into a world gone mad because of sin. He came into a world shrouded in darkness and hopelessness, where evil and lust abound. We live in a world where evil people order the death of countless millions of innocence people. Even in this story of God coming to earth to be among us in the person of Jesus Christ, evil King Herod orders the killing of all the male babies less than 2 years of age in Bethlehem, hoping to kill Jesus. Who in their right mind would seek to destroy God and the hope that He offers? But, because everyone if this world is a sinner, who in the world is in their right mind?

Into this sin-darkened world God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, to be our Savior, a light shining into this darkness. Through His birth in Bethlehem, His death on Calvary’s Cross, and His resurrection from the grave on Easter morning, Jesus Christ has restored life and hope to this world. Through Jesus Christ God offers the forgiveness of sins to everyone, and as we believe in Jesus as our Savior all our sins are wiped away.

Our world has been blessed by this man Jesus Christ, and as we believe in Him we too are blessed. Through Christ, God releases us from the dominance of sin and death, and we are granted eternal life and become children of God. At this time of Christmas I can think of no better gift that anyone could receive than this – to be a beloved child of God, an heir of His heavenly Kingdom.

What hope and comfort this message and work of Jesus Christ gives to our feeble hearts. And it is the message that we need to hear over and over again, for it is the truth of God’s love for us, and it fills our hearts with hope and joy. As Christians our hearts are changed, we are alive in Christ, yet our world is still dead in sin, which explains why we experience so much anti-Christian bias. Yet, despite what we may suffer in this world, our consolation is knowing that one day we will be with Jesus Christ in heaven, where all sickness and sorrow will vanish.  

This is a tremendous story of God’s love and sacrifice for us, and it is a tremendous hope we have received as we believe in Jesus Christ. This Christmas, make time to attend your local congregation and celebrate in God’s love for you revealed in the baby born in Bethlehem, Jesus Christ. If you are currently without a church home, we encourage you attend a local Christian church this Christmas, for there you will hear more of how much God loves you. Cherish this gift of love and hope you have in Jesus Christ, and to make this gift more special, share this Good News about Jesus Christ with the people you meet. As the shepherds returned from the stable after seeing the baby Jesus on that first Christmas day, they enhanced their joy by telling those they met on the street the Good News, a Savior has been born for you, and He is Christ the Lord.