The car people who venerate antique vehicles will tell you that to have the Great Race 2013 stop in your community is a “very big deal.” The Great Race 2013 will make a lunch stop in Washington Tuesday, June 25.

About 100 collector-type vehicles will take part in this impressive, competitive, controlled-speed, endurance road rally. They will be followed by many other vehicles. Plans call for the vehicles to be parked on Main Street and parking lots for about two hours. Lunch will be served at the Farmers’ Market. The Washington Area Chamber of Commerce tourism office is handling details for the stop here.

The race will cover 10 states in nine days for a total of 2,100 miles. Any vehicle up through 1960 is eligible to enter. Cars from the early 1900s have competed in the past.

The rally will begin in St. Paul, Minn., June 22. The participants will arrive in Washington June 25 after an overnight stay in Hannibal. From Washington, the rally will continue on to Cape Girardeau for an overnight stay. The race will end in Mobile, Ala., June 30.

The value of the cars in the race will be in the millions of dollars. Complete details of the rally were published in Wednesday’s Missourian.

The rally is expected to draw a large crowd in Washington to view the antique cars. It is something to look forward to for people in this area.