We can’t get all fired up because the Franklin County Commission spent $4,572 for a legal review of its prayer invocation policy for its meetings. While it’s true that the county has a full-time attorney on staff who prepared the policy, the wise thing to do was to seek additional input from a large legal firm that has experience and expertise in a wide range of legal matters.

A taxpayer said it was a waste of money. We don’t think so and we agree with Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer. The county’s top official said it was appropriate to have it reviewed by a law firm to ensure it is “legally sound.” Another lawsuit could cost the county much more than what the legal review cost. Since the county was sued by the ACLU and “Jane Doe” over prayers Griesheimer offered, the commissioners are trying to make sure it does not happen again over the prayers to begin their meetings.

There is a small circle of critics of the county commission who are just waiting for the commissioners to make a mistake, or exercise poor judgment, to pounce on them verbally and legally. The critics have that right to monitor the commissioners or any public official who has the authority to authorize the spending of taxpayer funds. The issue is not their right. It is their judgment in the actions they take.

The commissioners acted in a prudent manner in hiring an outside law firm.