The manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, Mike Matheny, in his talk at Union last week said in today’s world a person needs an “edge” to succeed. He wasn’t just talking about baseball players but all people in all places, in all fields of endeavor.

Matheny said in the baseball arena the talent gap is small — many players with talent — and it takes an “edge” to be the one who is successful. The edge is something extra. It usually is obtained by putting forth additional effort in whatever endeavor the individual is engaged in.

It is so true that there are so many people in the same field who have talent and can do the job. But who can do it a degree or two better is the one who reaches the higher level of achievement.

What he said about his job is true in other fields: “This job is about people — that is 100 percent of my job is to lead, challenge and encourage talented men.”

Matheny said each individual should challenge themselves in their personal life. As a guideline, he uses EDGES — Educate, Discipline, Goals, Energize and Serving others. He has lived up to EDGES and his personal life carries over to his job of managing. He has been very successful as a manager of a major league baseball team after being injured as a player. He had no managing experience when he was hired for that position two seasons ago.

It is obvious that Matheny does challenge himself to do better. He has a keen sense of maturity. His personal life provides an excellent example for the players he manages.

Matheny has values of a high level in his personal life. He is a religious man. He has strong family values. He is doing his best to live up to his potential and he advises everybody to reach out, do what it takes to reach his or her potential.

“In the end, if we haven’t taken every opportunity to get better and used every edge we have, we will sit back wishing things had been different. Take every edge you can in this life,” the Cardinals manager said.

Matheny’s message is worth repeating. It’s a message that he has followed and he certainly has been a success in his life. One of his “edges” now is that he has had two years of experience as a manager. If he keeps challenging himself and his players, they will be world champions.

Matheny already is a champion in the minds of many people.