Parents should be aware and prepare their children that they may have a “hate America professor” at their college or university of choice. The need for a warning is real!

If you doubt that these “hate America professors” are real, refer to Walter Williams’ column in Wednesday’s Missourian. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. He is a trusted source who does his research.

Anybody who has attended college probably can attest to having a radical instructor or two. If they didn’t take a class with a radical professor, they probably heard about one at the school they attended.

There are professors who like to “shock” their students with radical, far-out statements. They are looking for attention. But there are those who really believe in a hate America doctrine. The administration often backs them even though they don’t agree with them and apparently aren’t that concerned about them.

Many of our high school graduates have gained enough knowledge to recognize the hate slingers when it comes to America. Others are naive and will be influenced by these radical professors who have no appreciation of the freedoms they have in this republic.

Parents should warn their children about these hate America radicals.