Tuesday is the deadline to file for municipal and school board as well as a host of other taxing districts seats on the ballots in the April election. As in the past, at this writing, many incumbents have no opposition. Also, there are some seats for which there is no candidate.

We encourage people to become involved, especially those voters were are highly critical of boards and incumbents. It’s also best when there are races, giving voters a choice.

We all know from experience that we don’t always get the best candidates to file. Too often candidates have a private agenda rather than seeking to do the best for the general welfare of the people. Others simply want the prestige that goes with an elective position. We also have candidates who seek office, such as on the county level, because they need a job and the income. Many other elective offices pay nothing, or very little. We, of course, have qualified candidates who do file and face opposition from unqualified candidates.

Too often we elect people who not only lack experience, but are ill-informed and fail to recognize the need to see the big picture and are too easily swayed by vocal minorities. Being popular also doesn’t mean a candidate is qualified.

We don’t know what can be done to influence qualified people to seek office. Many qualified office holders, such as mayors, have tried to influence qualified people to seek office and haven’t had much luck in the past.

All candidates who file should be aware that if elected they have a responsibility to serve the general public in their jurisdictions, and their private agendas should be trashed. It’s called public trust. Too often the public trust is violated.