He’s a man without a country, Edward Snowden, the former National Security contractor who leaked and took classified U.S. intelligence documents. The latest countries that refused to grant him asylum are France and Italy.

He reportedly is in the international transit zone of Russia’s international airport in Moscow. The zone technically is out of Russia, which doesn’t want him. One country after another has refused to grant him asylum. He is wanted by U.S. authorities on leaking classified data on U.S. surveillance programs. Snowden has asked at least 20 countries to grant him asylum. The U.S. has revoked his passport.

Snowden is getting help from WikiLeaks, an Internet company, which promotes the leakage of classified documents. He thought he would be a hero of sorts for stealing and leaking classified information that revealed data about America’s spying. The countries that have refused asylum for him don’t want to harm relations with the U.S. and some are critical of what he did. Even Russia has turned him down. There generally is contempt directed at him for what he did.

So Snowden is a man without a country. Probably, he eventually will be returned to the U.S. to face serious charges. It appears he’s likely to end up in a federal prison.