There aren’t many events that children in this area enjoy more than the annual Washington Town and Country Fair. That was apparent again this year.

Children look forward to the Fair every year. They can’t get enough of it. Many attend the Fair for all five days.

The Fair Board does a good job of providing activities for children at the event. There’s plenty for them to enjoy. While many children concentrate on the carnival rides, they also enjoy the entertainment and various contests.

It is great to see the children having such a good time. They roam the fairgrounds, feeling independent because many are on their own, so to speak. Parents know children are safe and they don’t have be with them when they reach a certain age. They usually are in small groups, making the rounds at the Fair with their friends.

The Fair is for all ages but it’s the children who really have fun, enjoying every minute.

It was another successful Fair and the Fair Board and the hundreds of volunteers deserve a pat on the back from all of us! Another Fair well done!