One of the most popular streets in Washington for joggers is Front Street. This is nothing new. Joggers have found Front Street to be a very popular place to run for many years. The joggers prefer the street rather than the sidewalks, which can be too narrow for a group of runners.

Any motorist who is a regular driver on Front Street will tell you that near misses have occurred between a vehicle and the runner. Many of the runners prefer an early morning run or in the evening. It is dark when some runners are on the street.

Many of the joggers have reflective clothing, even shoes, and others do not. It is the lone runner with no reflective gear that poses the most concern.

The police have received complaints and concern about joggers on other streets also. Motorists have reported they came close to striking a runner because they didn’t see them until the last second or two. The police urge joggers to use common sense, wear reflective clothing or lights, and to be alert to vehicles.

It is impossible to understand the lack of safety measures by joggers. Many do not seem to be concerned about their safety.