The threat of bombings by terrorists will be with us forever. Whatever their causes, terrorists will use bombs to kill and injure people and to create fear in people. There is no 100 percent protection that is possible.

Our law enforcement agencies will do their best, using the latest techniques to track down terrorists. Most eventually will be caught. But we are dealing with fanatic, deranged people, some of whom don’t care if they are caught and executed. They will attempt to avoid capture in order to do more damage, but to them it’s already the end of the world.

Because of what has happened in other countries in terrorist attacks, the sickness has spread to America. These are people who are upset with their state of life, are mad at the world, are misfits who usually have been on the verge of exploding into violent rages, some want attention, have no respect for life, embrace causes because they think that makes them somebody important, and are overtaken by hate.

The Boston attack at the marathon was not expected even though the threat always is there where many people gather. It was an attention-getter, worldwide. Since there were participants from many countries, the terrorist, or terrorists, knew it would be worldwide news.

The fact that the United States is involved in many ways worldwide, including wars, we have drawn hate for whatever reasons, regardless of all the good we have accomplished. We have spread our wealth to the far corners of the world with various types of aid. The truth is, we haven’t received much gratitude for all we have done.

Our modern ways have made travel relatively easy. People come and go by the thousands every day. We have the best law enforcement worldwide than ever before, but it’s impossible to stop every terrorist. The materials to build a bomb are readily available, along with other weapons.

The best protection can come from people who are alert to suspicious behavior. Reporting suspicions to law enforcement agencies is very important. Many criminals and terrorists are apprehended due to tips from alert citizens. Do not fear that you are overreacting!

We must continue to give our law enforcement agencies support whether it be in additional manpower and equipment or simply moral support. We must do the same for our military forces. The world has never been more dangerous than it is today. Fear has never been as prevalent as it is today. Never have we had so many radicals and extremists as we have today. We even have elected some of these radicals to public offices.

With more alertness and increased security, we must not let fear override our routines in conducting our daily lives. Protection often leads to the loss of some of our freedoms. That’s life in America today!