The state isn’t sharing personal documents that are required to obtain drivers licenses with the Department of Homeland Security or the United Nations.

That’s according to Missouri Department of Revenue deputy director John Mollenkamp who, for the second time in as many weeks, repeatedly denied that the state is sharing copies of birth certificates, concealed carry permits, marriage licenses and other personal documents with other entities.

But that isn’t going to stop some people from believing that the state is engaged in a grand conspiracy with the federal government to take away people’s guns. The Internet is buzzing with claims of a plot by Big Brother.

A House committee convened a special hearing on Missouri’s new drivers license procedures after a southeast Missouri man filed a lawsuit last week challenging the new requirements that documents such as birth certificates and concealed weapons endorsements be scanned into a state computer system, according to The Associated Press.

The suit raised concerns that personal details about gun owners could be shared with the federal government and others.

Mollenkamp told lawmakers new procedures for obtaining drivers licenses were enacted to curb identity theft after federal charges were brought against nearly 20 people for their roles in obtaining licenses for as many as 3,500 illegal immigrants from a local license office employee in St. Joseph between November 2009 and January 2012.

Many of the lawmakers who heard Mollenkamp’s explanation at the hearing this week said they were satisfied that the state hasn’t shared any information with the federal government or the United Nations.

We’re pretty sure many, many other citizens aren’t satisfied and don’t believe a word Mollenkamp said.

We live in an era where people accept everything on the Internet as fact and where paranoia runs deep.