Rep. Paul Curtman, who represents Union, part of Washington and a portion of Franklin County in the Missouri House, is about as wishy-washy as they come. He doesn’t represent the people. He represents himself and his narrow ideology that is to the right of the tea party.

He is an ineffective state representative!

His vote on the transportation bill was typical Curtman. He voted against it, but said he is not fully against the larger issue of improving the state’s infrastructure. In other words, the bill is not perfect in his mind. He was reminded in a recent visit with leaders in Washington, who favor letting the people vote on the 1-cent sales tax for transportation, that few bills are perfect. There is high interest in this legislation because it presents what appears to be the only opportunity for an improved Highway 47 between Washington and St. Clair.

He finds something wrong with most legislation.

On the bill to provide incentives for the Boeing company which was planning a large project, Curtman voted for the legislation and then announced he really was against it but mistakenly voted yes.

Curtman has no stature in the General Assembly because he is so wishy-washy. He embraces a very narrow political philosophy. Compromise is not in his mental makeup. He makes excuses that project his wishy-washy image. He is nearly blind to most positive legislative measures.

Why would he deny people the opportunity to vote for or against legislation to provide funding for the state’s critical transportation needs? Doesn’t he trust the people to make a decision on this vital issue?