There are reasons why announcements of political plans by candidates are timed, and speculation is allowed to run rampant, but there’s no doubt about it, Hillary Clinton will seek the Democratic nomination for president. She hasn’t made that announcement yet, but the foundation is in place. The rest of the structure of her campaign is being planned very carefully.

One has to have an abundance of ambition, plus extraordinary energy, to seek the presidency. Hillary has both of those distinguishing features in her makeup. She also is politically savvy, and has the benefit of being married to a man who perhaps is one of the best politicians this country has ever seen, Bill Clinton. Her experience as secretary of state is an asset. Hillary was urged by husband Bill to oppose Barack Obama in the latter’s re-election bid, but she knew that would tear up the Democratic Party so she rejected her husband’s advice and strengthened her standing with the party.

Hillary will have to overcome a number of negatives. There’s those land deals in Arkansas, problems when she was with a law firm in that state, the suicide of aide Vince Foster and, of course, the Benghazi attack that occurred under her watch as secretary of state.

Of note is what is seen by some people as part of a “cover-up” to lessen the negative impact on Hillary during her campaign about Benghazi. It was a front page story Sunday in The New York Times that said its investigation revealed the deadly incident was by militia fighters and because of insults to Islam by Americans that fueled the attack. Remember the administration reported after the attack that it was a “spontaneous” reaction due to an anti-Islam American-made video. The Times said it found no link to al Queda. In other words, the administration and Hillary couldn’t have avoided the attack and shouldn’t be blamed.

It’s not too far-fetched to predict that The Times will endorse Hillary in her run for the presidency.

Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that added security was requested for the American compound in Benghazi months before the attack. It was denied. Also, because of the type of the attack, and the weapons used, it had to have been planned in advance, which gives little or no credibility to a “spontaneous” attack.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that The Times published its story prior to Hillary’s announcement-to-come that she is a candidate. If it’s not strange, it is interesting.