Since January 2001, the single copy price of The Missourian has been 75 cents. With the first issue of The Missourian in January 2013, the price for a single copy will go to $1.00. Home delivery and mail subscriptions also are being increased for the first time in a dozen or so years.

It’s been 12 years since we have increased the single copy price. How many items have not gone up in price in 12 years? It’s difficult to name one single item.

People pay $1.75 or even $2 or more for a cup of coffee. A few other places may charge less. People make purchases because of an item’s value to them. It may not absolutely be necessary, but we make purchases because to us they have a value.

The Missourian has value to anybody who buys it. To begin with, there are so many items in ads being sold at discounted  prices, or coupons, that if a buyer of The Missourian takes advantage of them, it more than pays for the price of The Missourian.

The Missourian also provides the buyer with comprehensive news of this area. No other local information medium can say that. From government news, to school news, to comprehensive sports coverage, features, especially about people, syndicated columns, state, local pictures, advertising inserts, magazines, national and international news from the Associated Press, letters to the editor, editorials, and the list goes on and on, The Missourian has a great value.

Home delivery and mail subscribers will see slight increases also. For instance, home delivery and mail subscriptions in Franklin County will go from $39.60 a year to $45.00. EZ Pay rates are available at $3.30 per month and if you want to avoid the price increase that’s the best way to go. Out of county and out of state rates also will be increased slightly.

The Missourian has absorbed price increases for just about everything we buy for the last 10 to 12 years. It’s time we must pass part of those increases on to our readers. We’ve had a number of postal increases over the years and are facing another one in 2013.

We value all of our readers and we hope all will recognize the need for the price increases. We do our best to give you the best possible newspaper product. If you take advantage of the savings listed in ads, The Missourian costs you zero!