As defiant as she is arrogant, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost her cool several times Wednesday when she testified before congressional committees looking into the Benghazi, Libya, scandal in which four Americans lost their lives when the U.S. mission there was attacked by terrorists. She defended the administration’s handling of the attack that occurred last September.

When she was questioned about the administration’s inaccurate report of the attack five days after it occurred which said it was the result of a protest over a video, she fired back, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Mrs. Clinton, it does make a difference because it has the odor of a cover-up to protect yourself, the State Department that you head, and the administration. To say that it was anything but an organized attack by terrorists was wrong. Because of the nature of the attack, it was obvious it was a well-planned assault by terrorists rather than a spontaneous reaction by protestors of a video. It makes a difference because it goes to the heart of the credibility of the administration and, in particular, the State Department. It also tells you something about the credibility of Mrs. Clinton and her management of the State Department, especially as to why the request for better security at the mission in Benghazi was denied.

It does make a difference in the arena of accountability. Americans have a right to the correct information.

Mrs. Clinton has an air of “don’t you dare question me” — an attitude that she always knows best and her actions are not to be questioned. She also displayed a temper that has been mentioned before, such as when she lived in the White House.

Her performance didn’t give an expected would-be presidential candidate a high mark!