If your team is in the Major League baseball playoffs, it’s an emotional time. It also is a time when the men on the field display their sky-high emotions. It does seem a bit strange that million-dollar-a-year players, young and old, can be so emotional in victory and defeat.

The season is long and it’s no easy task to make the playoffs and to be a winner. The emotions the players show in the playoffs is a reminder that they still are boys at heart, engaged in a sport they love, and in victory and defeat they let their emotions be free. There is no holding back how they feel, especially in victories. They also display their emotions when they hit the ball for extra bases, when a pitcher prevails to get the last out and a victory, when there is a spectacular defensive play, when runs are scored and the crowds are just as emotional.

The crowds live and die with almost every pitch — their emotions at a fever level.

People in the Cardinals nation were not happy with the outcome of Monday night’s game at Los Angeles. The Cardinals were not at their best in defeat (is any team?). They almost appeared to be awestruck with the environment. The Dodger fans really were in the game, as much as the Cardinal crowd was in the two victories at Busch. Cardinal fans, like fans everywhere, can be critical of their team. One fan was heard to say Tuesday morning, “They (the Cardinals) played like a bunch of little leaguers.” That was because of their miscues.

The Cardinals have the pitching to take them to the World Series, but their hitting is anemic. The defense usually is good but it fell apart Monday night when indecision set in on a couple of plays. Emotions are running high. This series could go to seven games. The seventh game will be in St. Louis unless the Cardinals win Tuesday and Wednesday in Los Angeles (this editorial was written Tuesday morning) and clinch the National League title. For the pure baseball fan, it’s very hard to embrace emotion-control!