It is always gratifying in the business world to be aware of a company that has been successful, particularly for as many as 75 years. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of New Haven is observing its 75th anniversary this year. The Missourian had a feature story on the company in its Wednesday edition, and we add our congratulations to the owners, members of the Hebbeler and Zobrists families.

Perhaps the most engaging aspect of the Hebbelers’ success is that they always have adjusted to the times and the changing desires of consumers in the soft drink world. They never feared new drink tastes of young and old. They made changes to meet those demands.

Another crown in their basic Pepsi operations is that they always have operated as a family business. They have been loyal to their employees. Their personnel have been loyal to the company. Call it mutual trust. Call it a combined outstanding work ethic.

The business has grown as operations were expanded to new territories. The company stayed the course and diversified its products, built a reputation for service and met all challenges head-on.

Along the way, the company has been extremely community-minded. The family has invested in the old downtown section of New Haven. Many are of the opinion that the Hebbelers, and the Zobrists, saved the old section of the town by investing in property and with untiring efforts to bring life to the historic downtown. The family has remembered where its roots are.

New Haven and this surrounding area is fortunate to have a company such as this, operated by owners who give back to the communities they serve. We add our congratulations and wish the Hebblers and the Zobrists, and their extended family, continued success.