Sen. Claire McCaskill was here Tuesday to talk about legislation to upgrade our nation’s roads and bridges and other infrastructure. The idea also is to create jobs and give a boost to businesses.

Instead of promoting new legislation, we should bring home our tax dollars that are being given to other countries to try to buy friends. Foreign aid should be cut and that money should be spent to improve our crumbling infrastructure. There should be a 10 percent cut across the board in foreign aid and that money used at home where needs are mounting. Sen. McCaskill said foreign aid is a very small portion of the budget. It still is millions and millions of dollars.

We recognize that much of the aid is for humanitarian purposes. However, this country has never been able to give oversight to the aid and much of it never reaches the people it is supposed to help.

Sen. McCaskill has worked hard for needed reforms in a number of areas and we applaud her for recognizing the fact that our infrastructure needs to be improved. Now we need her to help bring our tax dollars home.