With the malfunction of the ObamaCare online insurance marketplaces, now we have yet another fiasco that has thousands of people upset. After preaching for a long time that if people were happy with their health plan, they could keep their plans intact. Instead thousands of people nationwide have received cancellations of their coverage.

Not to worry says President Barack Obama — shop around and you may find a better plan!

What he doesn’t understand is that he is creating problems for people who don’t want to shop around — they were happy with what they had. The cancellations have caused a hardship on people and added to their worries.

The president now says the 2010 health law is replacing substandard plans offered by “bad-apple insurers” with better coverage and benefits.

But this is another issue over which his earlier words did not ring true. He promised on a number of occasions that people could keep their current plans if they wanted to do so. The president’s credibility has taken another hit!

With this happening, it gives added credence to the common belief that the president didn’t know what ObamaCare was all about, just like some members of Congress who have admitted they didn’t read the entire measure before it was passed.

The White House now is trying to spin what the president said to lessen the damage but with little success. In fact, one health care benefits expert was quoted in The Wall Street Journal as saying he couldn’t believe they (the president and his team) would say such a stupid thing.