One of the pitfalls in politics is the dumb, inappropriate statements made by politicians and their backers. A remark made by a Democratic strategist about Mitt Romney’s wife was a classic example of a party member causing a national stir by making a stupid statement.

A woman, Hilary Rosen, criticized Romney for listening to his wife Ann about issues relating to women. She said Romney’s wife never worked a day in her life, meaning she was not qualified to be an adviser on issues concerning women.

The backlash that resulted even drew President Obama into the fray. His remarks lauded mothers and working women.

Mrs. Romney raised five sons and knows what it’s like to run a household with children regardless of their wealth. She certainly was a working woman and is aware of the challenges they face.

Mothers who work outside the home particularly know what hard work is and how important it is to manage their time. They work hard all day and go home to a second job, managing their home. It takes an inner strength to do that and women possess that characteristic.

Presidents can’t control what their army of supporters do or say. Think before you speak is a message they need to heed.