America already has suffered a loss of prestige in the world due to our weak stance in foreign relations and now there are plans to strip our armed forces to where it was in 1940. If the defense cuts are approved, the United States will move to the same status as a Third World country!

Is the next step to seek monetary aid from a foreign country?

The defense cuts Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has proposed are part of President Barack Obama’s budget. It is clear the defense cuts came directly from the Oval Office. If approved we would have the smallest Army in 74 years.

And the world is every bit as dangerous as it was 74 years ago — perhaps even more dangerous with so many countries with nuclear capabilities.

No thinking person will argue against some defense cuts, but to strip our armed forces to what we had in 1940 is insanity. Haven’t we learned anything from our history when we downsized our military and then had to scramble to build it up while American troops were being killed because of inadequate arms and support.

Our leaders are proposing massive defense cuts while China is building what could be the most powerful military in the world. And, Russia, smaller in size due to the demise of the Soviet Union, is doing its best to become the military power it once was. The Middle East, home base of terrorists, poses a threat to all countries. The terrorists and our other jealous enemies must be singing with joy to see the greatest nation in the world turn into a paper tiger.

Generally, everyone agrees that we need to do some downsizing in our military, but what is being proposed is a reckless plan dealing with our security.

Cuts in federal spending must be made. Why don’t we start with foreign aid? For much too long we have been trying to “buy” friends around the world and for the most part we have failed. Most countries we dole out foreign aid to annually are not grateful, and some have become our enemies.

Congress must stop this irresponsible attack on our military. The administration and its defense proposals must be tackled before getting to the scrimmage line.