Complaints have been heard about the quality of the asphalt paving job on Highway 100 in the Washington city limits. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is aware of the situation.

The district engineer for MoDOT said the agency is aware of the problems and that some of the existing asphalt pavement will be replaced. It is not known when that will occur since the weather and the operation of asphalt plants depends on the temperature.

The ribbon cutting to mark the completion of the project will be held Monday, Nov. 25, at the corner of Highway 100 and Huxel Drive. That event is somewhat dampened by the quality of the paving. But MoDOT said it wil be corrected. It’s a $6.2 million project.

The project to widen the highway to four lanes from Route 47 west to a point beyond High Street was hampered by the weather. Paving was done at night and then in the daytime in an attempt to meet the completion deadline. The deadline was too ambitious for this time of the year when the weather is so uncertain.

We are certain MoDOT will back up its words with action!