We realize there has been little doubt about the fact that Hillary Clinton wants to be the first woman president of the United States. Her campaign already is unfolding and her campaign workers are in the field seeking support for her to be the Democratic nomination in 2016.

We talked to a Hillary supporter with bumper sticker in hand the past week. He supported her when she ran against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Hillary’s team is building grassroot support early on to discourage any would-be challengers. They are receiving their instructions from a Hillary office in Washington, D.C. We are unaware of a Missouri headquarters for Hillary. It won’t be long and it will be up and running.

Hillary has paid her political dues and at this point there isn’t anybody who is going to give her a serious run for the nomination. It takes overflowing ambition to seek the presidency. Hillary has never lacked ambition. In politics, her energy permits her to wear a Superwoman outfit.

She has avoided any serious harm from her bungling of the Benghazi attack when she was secretary of state. The Clintons know how to avoid mishaps, except Bill couldn’t dodge Monica.

Poor old Vice President Joe Biden. He wants to be president also. Hillary will crush him before he has even minor gains. What part will Obama play in Hillary’s campaign? He will have to support her. After all, Hillary was loyal to him when Bill Clinton wanted his wife to challenge Obama last year in the Democratic primary. It was Bill who called Obama “The Amateur.”

One thing is certain. The Clintons are professionals in politics. The only remaining question about Hillary is, when will she make her announcement? Wait, there is another question. If elected, will Hillary allow Bill in the Oval Office and/or in the presidential bedroom?