Among the oldest tricks of a dictator is to create in the minds of the people that a certain country is an enemy to be feared. There have been many examples: Russia during the Cold War, North Korea, Cuba and other countries that have portrayed the United States as the enemy to be feared. The dictator is there to protect them from the evil enemy, so goes the line in those countries.

A prime example today is North Korea, which says it has launched a program to build and deliver a nuclear bomb to its sworn enemy, the United States. Through an effective propaganda machine, communist North Korea has vowed to take whatever actions are necessary to protect the people from the United States, which has imposed sanctions on North Korea.

Dictators need to create an enemy to take attention away from domestic problems. Reports widely circulated indicate thousands of North Koreans are staving due to a food shortage. Communism has failed in North Korea, as it has in other countries. China now has what is described as capitalistic communism. China allows limited capitalism, which Cuba also permits. These countries realized that to keep the people from staging a revolution, some relaxation of strict communism had to be allowed.

The dictators like to label the United States as the enemy because we foster freedoms and human rights. The dictator governments threaten us because they know we won’t retaliate because of words. North Korea knows that a nuclear attack by them on American soil would bring total disaster to their country. We have the strength to bring an end to North Korea. That would be the last resort, but the United States would strike back.

In the meantime, we listen to the threats from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un with concern, but with the knowledge of why he is doing it. He’s got to have an enemy to survive!