The military plans to form teams of special fighters to respond to crises such as the one in Benghazi, Libya, where the United States consulate was attacked and four Americans were killed. Why didn’t we have such forces before since the U.S. seems to be under attack somewhere in the Middle East on a regular basis?

It usually takes a crisis to occur with fatal consequences before we act on a plan to counter attacks.

The Marines have been given this new assignment and they will be excellent responders. The plan is to put these special-operational teams on standby on Navy ships that will be within striking distance if another Benghazi-type attack should occur. It was reported that when the attack occurred in Libya the U.S. did not have a military force close enough to respond.

The Marines will train the 14-man teams in April in war games and a final decision will be made after that as to their deployment.

Wherever the U.S. has personnel and facilities in the Middle East, we should have troops within striking distance. There will be a cost, but we need to protect our interests and retaliate quickly when attacked.