There are critics of just about everything. Some do it for publicity if they are in a position of being a public being. Others have a negative uncurable nature. We’ve heard some of them expound on the news coverage of the birth of a royal baby in England. They say it’s overkill.

We’d say the news coverage is warranted. There is high interest in the birth of the Prince of Cambridge, also known as George Alexander Louis, son of Kate and Prince William. England is the mother of all monarchies. Its royal tradition has no equal. Kate sparkles with that royal look and touch.

Women especially are interested in a royal birth. Women who have gone through childbirth know what Kate has just experienced. They relate to her and want news about her childbirth and baby.

We would much rather read about a royal birth than an evil doctor who performs abortions, and murders babies after they are born!

The interest in the royal birth warranted the news coverage. It was an event with worldwide interest.