Clint Zweifel is seeking re-election as state treasurer. He is completing his first four-year term. He’s a Democrat.

When any officeholder seeks re-election, the natual thing is to look at his or her record. We’ve done that with Zweifel. He’s got a good record.

He has managed the state’s money well and has had a hand in protecting the state’s AAA credit rating. Missouri is one of only nine states with a perfect rating from the three major rating agencies. The state has annual revenue of about $23 billion and has a $4 billion investment portfolio. Zweifel has managed those funds carefully. He was the only statewide elected official to receive an “excellent” rating from the state auditor for performance and accountability. He achieved a fair-market rate of return on state deposits.

His work has touched Franklin County. He invested more than $18 million in low-interest loans for farmers and businesses in Franklin County. In May 2008, there was $2.7 million in active loans in Franklin County. In May 2012, there was $6.8 million in active loans in the county for farmers and small businesses.

The treasurer improved college savings for Franklin County families: more than $16.3 million invested in more than 1,800 accounts for Missouri 529 College Savings Plan.

His statewide record in awarding about $1.1 billion in low-interest loans for farmers and small businesses also is laudable. He eliminated much red tape in improving access to low-cost capital, increasing the amount of investment across the state. He tripled the number of participating banking lenders in the Missouri Linked Deposit Program.

One of the areas in which he has excelled is in returning more than $125 million in unclaimed property to over 402,000 individuals. He has improved the process to return these funds to rightful owners.

Zweifel has worked hard as treasurer and has improved operation of the office, promoting fiscal accountability and transparency. He’s been a good public official. He should be retained in the treasurer’s office.