Washington’s second Business & Industry Expo will be held this coming Wednesday, Oct. 30, and it affords an opportunity for students and the general public to learn more about the businesses and industries in this area. It especially can benefit students who are thinking about job opportunities and careers.

One can live in a community and be unaware of the kinds of jobs and careers that are available to them in their home town.

The Expo also is an opportunity for businesses and industries to learn more about their neighbors. We have industries that subcontract work to local companies. Company officers and supervisors are so busy in their own operations that they aren’t aware of the work being done by their neighbors. The Expo brings them together. It’s a solid learning experience for all of the exhibitors and those who attend.

Many communities hold Expos of this type. Union has been a leader in the field and has had considerable success in its Expo.

East Central College and our two high schools are cooperating in the Expo, along with the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce and the city. It will be held in the Washington High School Blue Jay gym from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. There also are seven sponsors who assist in the project. There are nearly 50 exhibitors — local businesses and industries.

It’s a “meet and greet” educational experience and very worthwhile.