Officials from St. Charles and Warren counties held their first meeting to discuss the Augusta Bottom Road and possible solutions to reopen the shortcut between southwestern St. Charles County and Washington, and other points in Franklin County. No agreement on a solution was reached, but officials of both counties said the discussion was positive.

The fact that the officials met is encouraging. No one expects an immediate solution. But nothing will happen if the two parties don’t talk.

The truth is more people from St. Charles County and Washington use the road than people who live in Warren County. It is a valuable route to people who live in southwestern St. Charles County. Many residents in the Augusta area work in Washington. The Augusta area is in the Washington School District. The road enables St. Charles County residents to reach Mercy Hospital Washington quicker. For Washington residents, the road provides an easy access to the attractions in southwestern St. Charles County.

For all of these reasons, there is justification for St. Charles County to annex the Augusta Bottom Road. It is more important to St. Charles County residents than to people living in Warren County.

It is our hope that the discussion continues in a spirit of cooperation. A solution is possible. This is a people issue, along with a safety matter. It’s important to get the road open and to improve it. Many people and a few organization have sought a solution for many years — so many that we’ve lost count.

What is happening now is the most positive movement toward a solution that has occurred.